Chuggington: Tunnel Adventure

    Chuggington: Tunnel Adventure



    It's time to start digging, people! Tyne needs your help to build a tunnel in Tyne's Tunnel Adventure game! However, the underground is full of unknowns that might slow him down! Do you think you can go through them and finish the tunnels? Your job is to guide Tyne past every obstacle and fully dig the underpass. He is not an invincible machine, so make sure he doesn't get hurt! Also, you might find some valuable things while you're down there! Don't miss them, and make it worth your while! How to play the game It's time to learn the controls! You can choose to use the Arrow Keys to make Tyne jump, stop and go, or you can use your mouse! Click on the green icon to start the engine, this will make it red, and you can press it again to stop him. Also, press the Up arrow to jump, and remember you will always have to use your mouse to use the speed drill! You will have three levels to clear! As you go through them, you will dig a little more into the last chunk of the tunnel until you finally finish it. On your way, you will have to dodge many obstacles. For example, lava or piles of rocks are everywhere underground, so keep an eye out for them. Tyne has an energy level that will go down as you advance! Also, by hitting obstacles, you can lose a lot of it. To recover some, you only have to pick up the crystals you find on your way. They are hard to miss, and it's best to get them all! What else you should know Lastly, you should be aware of the biggest step-backs you may encounter! You can come across piles of rocks that touch the ceiling, and you can only go past them using your speed drill. Also, you may encounter a Cave In, and you will have to destroy all the falling rocks! Are you ready to go through every stage and complete this tunnel? Tyne and the rest of the working trains are counting on you! Let's get this adventure started and see how you'll perform!

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